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Lights, Camera, Cake!

The Midwife Center for Birth & Women’s Health hosted the 10th Annual ‘Let Them Eat Cake’ cake judging event on April 25th, 2015 , which took place at the Pittsburgh Opera House. The theme was ‘Lights, Camera, Cake!’, which is centered around Hollywood and the BIG SCREEN so the attendees were encouraged to dress the part with elegant formal wear and beautiful accessories to match.


The whole idea behind the event is to raise money for the different programs that the Midwife Center has to offer.  Professional and amateur bakers put their skills to the test, as well as their ovens!  The cake judging is broken up into two categories for both professional and amateur bakers: decorative and taste.  Taste, for me, is what counts and holds the most weight.  And if you eat too much, it will literally hold the most weight.  Hehe.  So, after the judging is complete and all of the judges had their respective fill, volunteers cut the sweet, fluffy creations and make them into these perfect little sample portions that people can get in a line and taste, and go back for seconds or thirds or fourths or fifths….well you get the idea.


The decorative cakes were lined up so people can admire them.


I came across this cake, which wins an originality prize in my book and brought back many memories for me from in the late ’90s!

Photo Apr 25, 9 09 28 PM

Besides the cake, there are also other things to enjoy for attendees such as a silent auction, hors-d’oeuvres, drinks and music.  Last year, there was live music but this year there was an awesome DJ by the named of DJ Zombo.  He played the most interesting, unique blend of music that I’ve ever heard.  He sat up on stage with this wild, crazy looking machine that I’m not sure what was used for.  But it looked COOL and the music he played was a selective blend from different songs mashed together in perfect harmony. Good stuff Zombo.


There was also a photo booth, where people can try on different accessories and have fun in front of the camera.  I wasn’t the photographer, but I snapped a side view of a couple that looked like they were having a blast.


After an hour or two of party-goers drinking, eating, dancing, talking, laughing, admiring, smiling, it was time to listen in on the announcement of the winners!

Winners Anounced • Let Them Eat Cake

The most important part of the event is that everyone had a great time for an important cause. Here are some smiles.



I also met Chris Fennimore from WQED television, so there was a smile from me also.

Photo Apr 25, 8 08 20 PM

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Sports, Sports and Sports

Sports, Sports, SPORTS.

I’ve never considered myself a sports fan, unless of course you count the time in 7th grade (circa 1994) when I received a Pittsburgh Steelers Digest subscription for my birthday.  And that really didn’t even count, because I never watched the games.  I just read about them.

Watching sporting events on television while eating your favorite snack is all fine and dandy, but being there as a photographer instantly turned me into a fan.  From the moment the games began, my heart raced (or stopped) along with the others in the crowd.  I got excited and found myself rooting for both teams, and I wanted both teams to win.  Which is impossible by the way.

I photographed a couple of matches; volleyball and lacrosse.  And when I looked at the pictures later on I noticed a level of fierce competition. It was balanced with camaraderie and sportsmanship that I just haven’t witnessed before. But that may be because I haven’t spent much time at sporting events.

Before the game, the players practiced with each other.  Volleyball was especially dangerous during this time, because there were approximately 100 or more balls flying around my head.  Case in point: I was talking to the referee.  Here he is.

20150323-srm-1612-2While I was talking to him, a ball just whizzed past my head and I felt  the skin of the ball shave a couple of hairs off of my face.  Anyway, here are members of the Fox Chapel JV Boys Volleyball team practicing before the match. They competed against Pine Richland. 20150323-srm-1499 And then competition was under way.

20150323-srm-1530Lacrosse had more contact involved, proving to be a real nail biter.  Shown here is Varsity Girls Lacrosse, which was Shaler against Chartiers Valley.


20150318-srm-1335All this action sure did make the players thirsty.

20150318-srm-1338The head coaches and assistant coaches motivate and encourage their respective teams differently.  Sometimes it’s a break in the action.

20150318-srm-1268And other times, it’s while the action is going on.

20150323-srm-1554 But the aspect of the game I respect the most is when the game is finished and they congratulate and tell each other,

“Good game.”

To me, this is just as important as the competition itself.